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If you need swimming pool removal or demolition services in Corpus Christi, TX, you’ll want to get professional assistance. The decision to remove a swimming pool is a big one, so let our team at Corpus Christi Demolition Pros help you choose if the time is right and how to manage pool disposal. We handle total pool demolition and complete removal. Our removal services include taking away the pool foundation and liner, and we are accustomed to working with all pool materials including granite or cement. In addition to demolition and removal, we offer filling and grading services so that you can regain use of your land for a great new lawn, garden, or whatever else you may have in mind for the new plot. We help customers manage any state regulations or requirements when removing pools and help you dispose of the materials in an environmentally-friendly way. All this is done with our service and safety guarantee as well as a commitment to offer the lowest possible costs to make pool removal as carefree as possible.

Removing an in-ground swimming pool is a complex process that needs the help of a professional demolition team. Whether you’re a homeowner tired of keeping up with the maintenance, or a building manager what wants to install a new pool, there is a lot of work that goes into making the decision to tear out an existing one. Most pool removals involve one of two approaches, partial or total removal. Our technicians will be able to advise some customers that their pool only needs to be partially removed. This is a cheaper alternative to total removal, the other method. In partial removal, the top three or four feet of concrete is demolished and then the gap is filled with soil or some other material to build a new surface for landscaping. In full removals all the concrete is excavated.

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Pool Demolition Services

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Complete removals cost more, but total removal is usually safer, and there are no lingering concerns on the part of a building or home owner about the remnants of the pool. Both require a great deal of equipment including excavators and bulldozers that a professional service can provide. The decision to do partial or full removal of a pool often depends on what the owners want to do with the space after the pool is removed.

At Corpus Christi Demolition Pros, we always advise clients that we should send out one of our technicians to survey the pool and understand any complications that may come along with pool removal. Depending on what is going in the place of the pool, our technicians will be able to recommend full or partial removal and a cost estimate on the work. We’ve built our reputation on providing honest estimates to customers. We understand that if a partial pool removal will save you money and time, then you’re more likely to refer us to others. All our pool removals come along with our service and support guarantee, so clients can rest easy knowing pool removal can be a simple process.

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