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Selective and Interior Demolition

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We specialize in selective demolition for both residents and business owners in Corpus Christi. Many construction jobs require only partial demolition of concrete or a certain number of walls as opposed to a total tear down. Selective demos can also be extremely complex. In instances when a portion of a deck, building, or other structure is needed, special equipment and workmanship is required. Selective demos need careful planning and ingenuity in engineering to ensure overall structural integrity remains intact and safety is guaranteed. Our team has experience with all levels of selective demos and can manage any job with precision. Our commitment to excellence will make sure any selective demolition does not pose a threat to structural integrity of the rest of a structure.

Many home owners and building owners come to a point they want to change or improve a section of their home or building. Options include expansions, remodels, or repair of severely damaged portions of a building. They can be used to help customers complete their projects without threatening the rest of the building. We’ve built our reputation on successfully completed projects with a quality and a great safety record. We employ high-quality engineers to strategic jobs so that in each case the perfect approach is used, and selective demolition is a success.

Throughout the years, we have helped many customers save money and time by recommending it over total tear downs. When part of a home or building fails, someone who is untrained in demolitions may feel like the whole thing needs to go. Our experts can get on site to conduct an inspection and determine whether this is the case. If a selective demolition is possible it will save customers a great deal of money. We also avoid being displaced during the demolition. We sequence our job phases to be in sync with clients so that each phase accommodates their pace of life or business.

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Interior Demolition Services

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Our staff uses sustainable products to limit the work’s footprint and flag appropriate materials for reuse in the building’s renovation or other recycling. This is one of the greatest benefits of interior demolition. The salvaging building components to be reused in future renovations helps maintain the building’s aesthetic and can also save customers a great deal because they don’t have to buy as many new raw materials.

Understanding regulations is another key factor in interior demolition. We have a great deal of experience deal with city and municipality codes and permits to know how to get approval for jobs done quickly. Partnering with a demo service that knows how to navigate complex regulatory issues is a big help and will cut down interior demolition time. It also lets customers know that they can have confidence the demolition company knows what they are doing.

Finally, we know that many home owners and business operators fear making the decision on demolitions because of disruption to life and work. In most selective demolitions we can facilitate company operations, so no closures are necessary.

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