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Our professionals at Corpus Christi Demolition Pros provide expert mold remediation and removal services for homes and commercial properties in Corpus Christi, TX. We have saved customers from health hazards and structural damage to their homes. Mold needs moisture to thrive, and when mold gets into a home is can become an infestation that damages wood and concrete structures. We help clients take preventative measures against mold and provide emergency mold remediation services to give them back peace of mind in their homes or businesses.

One key aspect of mold remediation is solving how moisture is leaking into a building and allowing mold to grow. Our mold experts are accustomed to doing full building checks on roofs, windows, gutters and other potential leak areas to find where moisture is coming from. Commonly leaks are found coming from chimneys or around basements as well. Once the source is found, we work to repair the leak so that moisture stops seeping into a home.

Molds pose a health risk to people who are exposed. The spores in mold are released into the air and can trigger allergic reactions, irritate sinuses and skin, and cause other hay fever-like symptoms. Molds can also cause or exacerbate asthma in humans. People exposed to mold have complained of headaches, rashes and other conditions. Mold is also harmful to pets. Customers should get their buildings or homes checked for mold if they start to feel constant mild allergy-like symptoms.

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Mold Removal and Environmental Services

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We can remediate mold in any location whether it’s a residential or commercial property. Our mold abatement process includes the cleaning and removal of mold by using anti-microbial solution to eliminate any remaining spores. It's important to note that buildings with excess moisture are hotbeds for mold growth. In cases in which we must cut drywall to look for rot, we can restore building condition to new. Customers need to be on the alert for any signs of mold. While a small spot of mold in the shower is likely just a nuisance, larger infestations of mold can damage a property and adversely affect health. Our staff has the equipment and experience necessary to make sure mold problems go away. Customers should see an immediate decrease in symptoms after mold is removed. We also work to contain mold remediation when we are on site. That includes sealing off molded areas from the rest of the building so others aren’t exposed. We also remove moldy material in air-tight bags so that mold spores are not spread around as we work.

Mold infestations can be aggravating. People invest a lot in purchasing and maintaining properties, and mold threatens that. Mold can strike at any time, but particularly after flood or fire damage. Get in touch with us at Corpus Christi Demolition Pros at the first sign of mold. Or, to have peace of mind, have one of our technicians come out and conduct a mold investigation and help offer tips on what steps you can take to prevent a mold outbreak.

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