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For customers in Corpus Christi, TX who need lead removal and lead abatement services, Corpus Christi Demolition Pros can be of assistance. As a family-owned company, we have helped businesses and homeowners take care of their lead problems in buildings for years. We are dedicated to making sure that everyone in Corpus Christi, TX and other nearby areas doesn’t have to worry about the harmful effects of lead exposure. We own heat guns, blasting tools, chemicals, and other equipment to help make lead removal quick and easy. Our technicians have years of experience making sure lead inspections are passed with no issues and any lead traces are removed. We partner with many in the community to perform regular checks on their facilities to make sure they are up to standard when it comes to lead-free buildings.

In the past, lead was added into paint because it helped reduce moisture and kept paint looking fresh. Most homes were painted with lead-paint because there were no health concerns. Fast-forward to modern day, and people discovered that lead can be hazardous to health, and particularly hazardous for young children. Lead from paint is the most often cited cause of lead poisoning. It can affect most parts of the body and is known to cause severe abdominal and joint pain. In children lead paint has been shown to cause developmental disabilities. The change in lead-paint regulation means that most homes build after 1978 are ok and lead-free. That was the year that the federal government banned commercial use of lead paint. However, if your home or building was building prior to 1978, then there is a good change lead-paint was used.

Our staff can take care of any worries over the presence of lead paint. We work with property managers, home owners, and business owners to check on their properties regularly to inspect for lead paint. After chemically testing for the presence of lead paint by taking samples and sending them to a certified lab, you'll quickly see that our experts use cutting edge technology to handle every stage of the abatement project.

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Professional Lead Abatement

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Another method we can take to contain lead is lead stabilization. Stabilizations involves repairing any conditions in the house that contribute to the deterioration of paint that may contain lead. We also check the house for any loose or peeling paint that may chip and cause exposure. A common method to protect from lead is to coat any flaky or deteriorating surface with a fresh coat of lead-free paint. Lead stabilization is generally favorable in situations where surfaces are intact, and the building is still structurally ok. It’s much cheaper than complete lead abatement.

When considering whether to choose full lead abatement or lead stabilization, Corpus Christi Demolition Pros can help you decide the best course. Our service staff is adept at advising customers on the best solutions specific to them. We guarantee that whatever you choose, we can help deliver and resolve any lead paint issues.

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Lead abatement is not easy, but it is important. Let us help you refresh. Call us today!