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If you're searching for professional asbestos abatement services in Corpus Christi, TX, you’ve stumbled upon the right company. Here at Corpus Christi Demolition Pros, we know that a lot of people are worried about the presence of asbestos in their home or building, and for good reason. Asbestos presents a health hazard for building occupants who are exposed to the toxic material. Asbestos risks should be taken seriously, and our staff has been helping people in and around the Corpus Christi, TX area remove and eradicate asbestos problems for years. We perform regular asbestos abatement projects on residential homes and commercial facilities. Our crews have the equipment and training to safety dispose of asbestos without exposure to building occupants.

Often, we find that many of our customers do not understand exactly what asbestos is and why it is dangerous. We're happy to share our insight on this subject. Our team regularly works with clients to educate them on what asbestos is and why it needs to be removed. Asbestos is made of small fibers that, when inhaled, can cause a respiratory disease named asbestosis. Unless the fibers are inhaled there is no great health concern, but over time as asbestos breaks down the risk increases. Symptoms associated with asbestosis include cracking sounds in the lungs and shortness of breath. Controlling exposure to asbestos dust or fibers is critical in preventing the condition. We have specific procedures in place to contain asbestos and remove it safely.

When asbestos is “friable”, or when it’s fragile enough to be broken apart easily by hand that means the fibers or dust have a greater chance of releasing into the air and becoming inhaled. Floor and ceiling tiles, shingles, fire doors and other asbestos-containing products don’t pose a significant health danger until they are friable. When friable materials are disturbed or broken, then the particles become dangerous. Regular wear and tear can accelerate the fragility of asbestos and make it more friable. Similarly, any external factors like water or fire damage can quicken the deterioration of asbestos.

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Home renovations like drilling, sawing, or cutting asbestos-containing materials can release the dangerous fibers into the air. Aging is the greatest cause of asbestos fibers being released into the air because they break down over time.

Corpus Christi Demolition Pros has the know-how to safely identify and take care of any asbestos concerns. We have fixed asbestos problems in houses, commercial parks, warehouses, and large multi-story buildings. Our clients include government bureaus, schools, construction companies, contractors, retailers and others who use our services to keep their buildings asbestos-free. We perform regular checks on buildings to locate any asbestos concerns and then use the equipment necessary to carry out a successful abatement. We guarantee that calling our staff is the right first step in taking care of any asbestos concerns. We provide top-level service to all customers and can advise you on the best methods to resolve asbestos situations. Call our staff today to learn more about asbestos abatement and all our demolition services in Corpus Christi.

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Asbestos removal is critical to your health and well being. Let us help restore your property back to normal.